Club Med F&B and HK Training

Location: MALDIVES & PHUKET, Duration: 4 WEEKS


Improve F&B and HK operations

Improve organisation, duties and roles

SOPs for HK hygiene


F&B & HK Service Skills

F&B Food Knowledge

Guest Service Skills

At Club Med we worked with the properties in Thailand and the Maldives to audit the F&B and housekeeping departments with respect to 5 star skills, guest satisfaction, efficiency and hygiene.

We introduced a number of best practices, new methods and procedures for serving guests in the restaurants including separate duties and responsibilities for different staff members such as greeting guests, finding tables, taking orders, clearing tables and setting up the restaurant.

In housekeeping we worked with the time constraints of cleaning a room to a suitable standard and hygiene and the equipment necessary to finish the job well in a reasonable period of time using the manpower requirements of the operation.

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