Six Senses Departmental Training

Location: KOH SAMUI, Duration: 4 YEARS


  • Operations service training for F&B, FO, Spa, HK
  • SOP development
  • Video SOPs
  • Product knowledge


  • F&B, FO, Spa & HK Service Skills
  • F&B Food Knowledge
  • Bartender Drinks Knowledge
  • Butler Service Skills
  • Guest Service Skills
  • Reservations Service Skills
  • Concierge Service Skills
  • Operator Service Skills
  • Front Office Room Knowledge
  • Facilities and Services Knowledge
  • Concierge Knowledge

At Six Senses we were first hired during the opening of the resort in 2004 to provide departmental skills training for all operations departments; front office, butlers, F&B, housekeeping and spa. We assisted with setting and documenting hotel standards (SOPs) and put training programs in place to improve operation skills and service skills effectively. We ran these programs for several years from the day they opened, working all year round. During this time, we conducted 15 hours per week of training in the property, running a range of courses with all departments.

  • For example we wrote SOPs for butler service including airport pickups, room orientation, and concierge services to provide personalized guest service, using paper based SOPs and videos with live role-play training.

With the F&B department, we spent a lot of time working on food knowledge, wine knowledge, sales and guest services.

Logistically, we implemented staff training development systems, e.g. individual staff training records, progress records and performance reviews to track performance and progress over time.


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