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With the growing popularity of Koh Samui among European and Western travelers and the extreme surge in development in recent years, there will most certainly be an increase in the demand for and distribution of quality wines on menus in resorts and restaurants. With this in mind, it becomes imperative to employ staff that are fully-trained and knowledgeable in selling and serving wine.

Mise En Place is pleased to offer courses in wine knowledge and service. Experienced professionals will provide expertise in all aspects of wine, from the vine to the bottle. Course content includes palate development, tasting procedures, wine history, label recognition, sales techniques, grape varietals and up-to-date information about famous wine growing regions around the world. In addition to wine training, we also offer managerial consultancy in wine menu development and food and wine pairings upon request.

Wine courses are completely flexible based on your organizations' and staffs' scheduling needs. Training may be scheduled on a weekly/monthly basis or as a seminar, compiling course content into a two-or-three day period. Proposals for pricing and scheduling are available upon request. Please see our contacts section for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Course Content

Label Recognition

  • Understanding of label vocabulary (Vintage, producer, etc.)
  • Practice with presentation of wine to the customer
  • Determination of grape varietal by place names on the label
  • Wine History

  • Early History (Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome)
  • European History (France, Italy, Grand Cru Classification)
  • Modern History (New World Wine Development)
  • Palate Development

  • Understanding of taste and flavor
  • Understanding of taste and flavor of wine components
  • Recognition of common flavors in wine (oak, green apple, cherry, etc.)
  • Regional Information

  • Introduction of famous regions (Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Rioja, etc.)
  • Regional wine laws
  • Grape varieties grown in each region
  • Common winemaking practices by region
  • Famous producers from each region
  • Up-selling

  • Practice with describing and recommending wines
  • Practice with food and wine pairings
  • Pricing
    For more information about prices, please click here: (Prices for Hospitality Training).

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