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Service training can be delivered as part of the overall hospitality language training or conducted separately, with the aim of improving the staff's performance and to ensure the hotel operates with a high standard of service. Well trained staff are happy staff and that will reduce staff turnover and increase productivity. Undoubtedly, the wait staff service is often the deciding factor for a simple restaurant visit to become an unforgettable experience, making the customer certain to return. Excellent service with well trained qualified waiters and waitresses not only increases customer retention but also turnover and profit. After an extensive training programme, your staff will acknowledge the language and techniques to communicate effectively, serve and lead professionally and be armed with the necessary knowledge and techniques to provide genuine five-star service.

Focus will be on four aspects:

Module 1: F&B knowledge and menu training
Menu knowledge includes cooking terms and methods of preparation, remembering prices, drink list and wine list items. This also includes food diseases, sanitation and safety, types of food and alcohol, wine label recognition and correctly naming different cutlery, chinaware and glassware.

Module 2: Standard operation procedures and service techniques
In co-operation with the F&B director, we will train your staff to follow standard operation procedures professionally and how to establish a sequence of service. That includes welcoming guests in the restaurant, seating and presenting menus and drink lists, taking orders, carrying trays, and serving food and beverages.

Module 3: Communication techniques and suggestive selling
Recognizing body language, assertive communication and active listening are just three very important skills your waiters and waitress should master. Suggesting selling includes the necessary language and techniques to sell higher-priced items, specials and substitutions. Students will learn how to increase sales volume, dealing with difficult clients and how to handle complaints.

Module 4: Management training
Management training focuses on the importance of motivating yourself and others, introduces the theory of first impressions and presents customer's needs and expectations. In addition, students learn self motivation techniques, general hotel etiquette, taking responsibilities and the right techniques to solve problems and to deal with emotions.

Length of the program
Service training can be a part of the overall hospitality language training or conducted separately. Depending on the size of the hotel and the general level of English each module takes about three to six months.

For further information about prices, please click here: (Prices for Hospitality Training).

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