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Training for Increasing Hotel and Resort Revenues

Everybody recognizes the importance of customer service and well trained staff. We focus training on attitude as well as skills and language. We believe well trained staff are not only essential for success, they are also more confident and happier, which results in a satisfied customer base. Our wealth of knowledge within the hospitality industry and a proven track record will ensure outstanding customer service for your business. This leads to:

  • Increased customer retention.
  • Increased on property spending.
  • Increased profits.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced overheads.

This is where our consultants will spend time gathering information, in order to understand what training needs are to be considered. This is achieved through vocational interviews with all staff, by Training Needs Analysis questionnaires or simply by on-site observation. Often a combination of all three methods presents the most accurate picture.

The students will be tested before, during, and after the training course, to measure how much they have learned, and to decide how much further training is needed. There are about 10-20 complimentary hours every three months.

Delivery can take place either on or off site, and can take the form of instructor led training, role-play, 'learning-by-doing', video lessons, audio listening tasks or one-on-one coaching for more senior staff.

Mise En Place will provide the English language training that is relevant to the hospitality profession. The focus will be on general language and communication for all departments, to allow the resort to operate with a high standard of English. A team of hospitality and education professionals have created their own education material focused on hospitality. These include exercises, text books, pictures, audio-visual components and role plays.

Working within the confines of your business schedule, our consultant will plan the training program. He or she will organize groups of candidates by department or by ability, create course content using hotel materials such as menus, maps and photographs to make study material, and also devise the best method of training and service evaluation.

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