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English Language Training Program

Objective for Training
Through an intensive and tailor-made English language training programme, customer-facing staff will be confident and comfortable speaking English, and show excellent customer care. Consequently, staff will acknowledge the vocabulary, phrases and specific knowledge and techniques that are relevant to delivering the best service within a hospitality environment. Focus will be on general English, hospitality, department-specific vocabulary, customer-service, sales techniques and general hotel etiquette.

Research and training curriculum
Mise En Place consultants will do intensive research within the hotel, gather specific information and write bespoke lessons. We will use menus, drink and wine list items, ingredients, cooking techniques and standard operational procedures to write the training material specifically for each client. Information from the hotel brochure and the website will be turned into English language exercises. Mise En Place photographers will take pictures from hotel inventories, print flash cards and in co-operation with the training coordinator establish a unique training curriculum.

Training program
Mise En Place will provide the English language training that is relevant to the hospitality profession. The focus will be on general language and communication for all departments, to allow the resorts to operate with a high standard of English. Our programs will use exercises, text books, pictures and audio-visual components. Role plays are an essential part of the training, and we use video cameras for role-plays and hospitality etiquette training. Hospitality specialists use this material to analyse English language skills as well as rhetoric, service skills and general attitude and behaviour. The students receive a course programme as well as their lesson sheets. All our teachers will use laptops and LCD projectors to facilitate and professionalize the course programme.

Length of the program
Depending on the customer's needs, the English language training programme can take three to six month for small and medium-sized hotels, or year-around for large corporations.

The training will take place in the hotel's premises in an allocated room.

The evaluation consists of both a language and service department specific test. It is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation and report on the current ability of all staff, designed to provide the management with all the information necessary to pinpoint customer service issues and problems in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of all staff in all departments. It contains the following components.

  • Speaking and pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Understanding
  • Department specific service skills
  • Department specific knowledge
  • Greetings and farewells
  • Hotel services and facilities
  • Directions

Department specific service role plays include F&B staff seating guests, taking orders and recommending food, reception staff handling money matters and describing the hotel, spa staff describing treatments and bell boys describing the features of all rooms. The evaluation lasts between 30 minutes and one hour, and thoroughly tests a number of important skills, including overall language ability. These results will be supplied to the hotel management and used as the basis of student placement in the training program. It will also be used to decide the topics and areas which are most urgently required for study, and which specific areas should be improved as a priority. Depending on the length of the programme, evaluation will be done every three to six months. The clients will receive a full analysis of the tests and Mise En Place will recommend necessary course adjustments.

There will be several consultants working on the program.

  • A hospitality consultant with a strong background in hospitality management who will be available for the duration of the course, responsible for providing focused educational material and lesson planning. He/she is responsible for analysing the hotel's performance and writing reports.
  • An educational consultant with analytical skills who is responsible that each student improves according to their capability. He/she assists in analysing the hotel's performance and writing reports.
  • Mise En Place provides consultants with specific know-how in food and beverage, wine, international cooking techniques, service skills, customer care skills, marketing and management.
  • A lesson planner. He/she will do extensive research in the hotel and in co-operation with the hospitality and educational consultant write exercises and the curriculum.

For information about prices, please click here: (Prices for English Training).

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