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Increasing revenues of a hotel or resort means increasing guest bookings, length of stays, and guest purchases of additional services. Accomplishing this requires key investments in training, service improvements and enhancements. Additionally, it is important that a marketing strategy is designed and implemented to book more guests so that benefits from these investments are maximized.

For those hotels or resorts with efficient departments already undertaking the steps detailed in this section, Mise En Place provides you with a convenient way to outsource your specific tainting requirements, whether for language, service skills, wine training, computer point of sales optimisation or any part of the operation.

For those without, or those who want to improve their business operations from the ground up, we offer a full consultancy service.


Because it is not entirely possible to separate operations from training, Mise En Place has a unique set of training topics, which are presented here in another section.


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How We Can Help

Consultancy is always offered as an essential part of any training program, for example looking at guest feedback for a strength and weakness analysis of the staff language ability. We also offer consultancy as a full service in its own right, where the following issues are addressed.

  • Finding and keeping qualified people
    • Hiring and training properly
    • Incentives
    • Investing in people
  • Operational Audit and Analysis
    • Guestrooms
    • Food and Beverage
    • Retail Store
    • Recreational Facilities
  • Evaluation and Analysis
    • Guest Feedback
    • Staff Feedback
    • Mystery guest analysis
    • Complaint management
  • Delivering Superior Customer Service
    • A service oriented internal culture
    • Service training
    • Language training
    • Team building
  • Marketing

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